IRS Form 1099/1096 (AP)

This AP Reports routine produces the 1099 and 1096 forms required by the IRS for all Interest, Miscellaneous, Rental, Royalty, and Other income. Vendors print only if they have been defined on the Vendor Personal tab for the type of 1099 they are to receive. Print this report after all the year's transactions have been entered and checks printed.


If any vendor's report does not show the correct total, the Define Vendors routine (Year to Date tab) lets you edit the 1099 Balance amount.

"Payer's" information for the 1099 and "Filer's" information for the 1096 is drawn from the IRS & State Forms window that is opened from the Banking screen in Preferences. Contact Information for the 1096 is also drawn from the IRS & State Forms window.

"Payer's federal identification number" on the 1099 and "Employer identification number" on the 1096 is drawn from the Fed ID field in the Tax Liabilities window accessed from the PR tab in Preferences or from the Setup panel on the Payroll Roadmap.

See Also:

Ordering blank 1099 Forms — This routine is designed to work with forms in which each part is packaged and printed separately.


Report for Year

If this is NOT the correct Year, select Cancel, then change the date into the desired year.

Define Minimum Amounts to Print

Type the minimum dollar amount a vendor must have received during the year in order to receive one of the four types of 1099 forms (Interest, Misc. Income, Misc. Rent, or Royalty). Check with your IRS office or accountant for current figures. After entering each dollar amount, press Tab.

Print Report

Select the option button for the report you want to print:

Alert: If this is your first time processing 1099 forms for the current year, please be sure to run the Recalculate All routine to ensure that the 1099 figures reflect all activity for the reporting year. If you've begun making adjustments to this year, running Recalculate All will cause you to lose any changes previously made.

As noted in this alert, the Recalculate All button on the next 1099 screen should be selected the first time you open this routine to print 1099s for the current year of if you wish to clear out all adjustments entered in this routine.

Select Next to proceed.

Edit Vendors / 1099 — When printing 1099s, a form opens displaying the 1099 for the first vendor who qualifies.

Select Next to proceed.

On the Output Destinations window, accept Send to Printer and choose the Print button.

Page Setup

In order for text to align properly with the 1099 Form, you may need to open the Page Setup routine (File menu) and adjust the margins. Changes made while the 1099/1096 Forms routine is open are specific to this routine only.