AR Accounts

The AR Accounts button on the Preferences > Accounts Receivable screen opens a window where you define one or more Asset account(s), as created in Define GL Accounts (Preferences > General Ledger screen), that will be used to store AR transactions until payments have been received and posted.


1. The routine opens to the List tab displaying any defined AR Account codes. Select any code to edit by double clicking on it in the grid. This switches to the Data Entry tab.

To define a new AR Account, select the New icon image\newicon.gif from the command bar.

2. AR Account — This number is the code you will see every time you select the AR Account code for a transaction. The AR Account number must be unique to each code you create.

3. Description — Enter text that will appear along with the AR Account number to help verify that the right account is selected.

4. GL Account — Select the Asset account that has been created for this purpose, either by typing the account number or the description until the correct account appears. Or click on the arrow or type Alt+Down Arrow to drop down the list of accounts, and then click on the correct one.

5. Next Invoice # — This field, by default, starts with the number 1. To manually change the number of the next Invoice number to be assigned, click on the Browse image\browse.gif icon, and the field becomes enabled. You can now modify the number. As new invoices are printed, this number will automatically be incremented.

6. Default Inv Style — This field allows you to assign a specific invoice type to all invoices associated with this AR Account number. The options are Standard Invoice, Standard Invoice w/ Shipping Label, Plain Paper Invoice, and Custom Invoice. (The latter option allows installing a statement report that your organization has contracted to be custom-designed for you.)

7. q Print Organization on Inv — Mark this check box to print your organization’s name and address on the invoice. If using pre-printed forms, leave the check box unmarked.

8. q Use Cash instead of accrual — AR accounts default to operate on an Accrual basis. To override this definition for a specific AR account, check the box. This will automatically structure all invoices tied to this AR account to calculate on a Cash basis so that those billings do not update your GL accounts. When set to Use Cash, GL Accounts are not updated until the payments are entered and posted.