AR Data Entry Panel

image\dataar.gif Data Entry routines control billings and payments, plus information on your customers.

Invoices — Manage both individual and recurring invoices.

Invoice Entry is where customer invoices are created, edited or deleted, posted and printed.

Print Invoices lets you select a range of posted invoices to print.

Recurring Invoices/Payments creates, edits and posts transactions that repeat so that new invoices are generated.

Void Invoices allows you to void invoices when necessary.

Payments — Process all payments received.

Record Payment is where you enter and post payments made by your customers.

Bank Deposit Slips allows you to print a report of a posted deposit to provide to your bank.

Void Payments allows you to void payment entries when necessary.

Re-Apply Posted Payments (formerly "Adjust Applied To") lets you modify the application of a payment, either the customer or the invoice.

Finance Charges — Apply percentage charges to accounts due.

Calculate Finance Charges creates and processes finance charges.

Manage Finance Charges allows you to edit charges that have already been created.

Finance Charges List prints a list of unposted Finance Charges.

Post Finance Charges saves and applies entered Finance Charges.


Define Customers lets you set up and edit customer information, also accessed from the Preferences > Accounts Receivable screen.

Recalculate YTD Customer Totals updates all Customer account balances for the current year.