AR Preferences

When you purchase and load Accounts Receivable, the Accounts Receivable screen in Preferences (File menu) becomes visible and active. This is where you define basic information and structure for the AR module.

Options — Check Boxes

Customer Reports

Customer Search Grid

Finance Charge Item

If you want to assess finance charges on overdue balances, you must identify a Billing Code to use for these items.

Customer Refund / Vendor (Optional)

If you do not define a Customer Refund vendor, the Refund function will create a separate vendor record for each customer to whom you issue a refund.

If a "generic" vendor record has not been created, you can type the name in this field. When you press Tab, a prompt will ask if wish to Add this vendor. Select Yes, then complete and save the new record.

Post AR Transactions

Apply Overpayments


Tax Codes — Define codes for sales taxes from different states.

AR Accounts — Identify one or more AR accounts to store invoice entries until payments are received.

Groups – This optional function lets you define categories that can be used in Customer records and invoices..

Billing Codes — Identify the various products and/or services provided by your organization.

Sales Reps — This optional function lets you enter any personnel for whom you want to track sales activity and/or calculate commission.

Customers — Enter information on your customers.