AR Reports Panel

image\reprtar.gif These reports print Accounts Receivables data that has been posted to customer records.

Invoice List prints a list of invoices that have been printed and posted.

Statements prints notices for your customers of money that they owe.

Deposit List prints deposits that have been entered and posted.

Aging Reports prints two lists of customers that owe money.

Customers –

Customer Master List prints a list of all or selected customer’s basic information.

Additional Contacts List prints entries made in Additional Contacts for selected customers.

Installments List prints information on customers with Installment accounts.

Sales Report prints up-to-date information on sales activity.

Other Reports –

Billing Codes Master List prints a list of all your products and services.

Payment Expiration prints a list of recurring payments that expire in the current month.

Labels prints mailing or file folder labels for selected customers.

See Also:

Search Criteria – Several reports let you define a query to select the data that prints.

Output Destinations — You see the same output options as in the other modules of the program.

Print Preview Toolbar

Printing Problems

With User Reports, various modifications can be made to these reports by clicking the Edit button on the Output Destination screen. When the Report Designer is open, pull down the Help menu and go to Accounting Field Names and Accounting Report Functions for information on adding selected data to a report.