Additional Contacts

The Additional Contacts button on the 2. Personal tab of a customer’s record opens the Customer Contact Details window that displays a grid with information on all people to contact for that organization or family. Schools will typically define either or both parents as the Main Contact, and then create an Additional Contacts record for each student in the family.

To Add a New Contact — Select the Add button. This opens the Customer Contacts window in which to enter a person’s First, Middle and Last name, Work Phone (plus Extension), Fax, Cell, Home phones, and E-mail. The text fields following the Phone numbers give you the option to enter information about the use of a particular number ("Only there in the morning," "Use this number first," etc.). You can also enter informational text in the Reference field.

The Type field is a combo box that can be used by schools to indicate the Grade for each student. This field displays in the grid on the Customers’ List tab.

Three check boxes appear in this window:

To Edit a Contact — Highlight the name in the list and select the Edit button. This opens a window in which to edit or add information for the selected person. Changes made to the Main Contact record will update the corresponding fields on the Personal tab.

To Delete a Contact — Highlight the name in the list and click the Delete button. A prompt asks if you are sure that you want to delete that record. Select Yes to complete the deletion. (You cannot delete the Main Contact record.)

Email — Select this button to send an email message to the contact(s) marked in the Select column. This will open your regular email program with a blank email form addressed to the person(s) so marked. If no email address has been defined and saved for any marked person, an alert will notify you.

NOTE: When printing Statements, you can choose to print the names of these Additional Contacts.

To Close the Customer Contact Details window, select the Close button or the icon image\closex.gif on the window’s title bar.