Select the Customers button on the Preferences > Accounts Receivable screen to open the Customers window where you can create, edit, or delete customer information.

The routine can also be accessed from Define Customers on the AR Data Entry panel.

The window that opens shows nine tabs. To move to another tab, either press Alt plus the underlined number on the tab (2, 3, etc.), or click your mouse on the tab.

1. List — select customers.

2. Personal — enter customer’s name, address, etc.

3. Items — keep track of the customer’s billing items.

4. Misc — provides various user-defined fields for tracking customer information.

5. Inv History — display invoices for a specified date range and enter a payment.

6. Pay History — display payments made during a specified date range.

7. Recurring — add, edit and view recurring invoices for this customer.

8. Notes — enter or view information about customer contacts and activity

9. Year-to-Date — view transaction and payment summary for the past year.

Command Bar image\tool_am.gif

The command bar provides quick access to editing tasks and is active on all tabs.

To create a new customer record — Select New image\newicon.gif on the command bar. If also using Logos II Church/Donor Management and if the family/organization you are adding has a record in that program, you can then select the Link Logos II button to import selected data, linking the records in the two programs.

Logos II Import Note: You can quickly import multiple family or individual records from Logos II by using that program’s Link to AR routine (People > Utilities > Other Utilities).

To delete a customer — Select the customer record. From any tab, select Delete on the command bar. Any active invoices or payment history will block deletion.