Link Logos II

This window opens when the Link Logos II button is selected on the Personal tab of a customer’s record, allowing you to import Logos II data for a selected family. This screen lets you enter a Last Name, First Name, City, State, and/or Postal Code to use in locating the record in Logos II that you want linked to the current record in AR.

Type into one or more fields the data that will identify the record you wish to link.

Retrieve Matching Members - Select this button to display in the grid any records that match the criteria entered. The grid displays each selected person’s Last and First Name, Street Address, Home Phone and City. You can scroll to the right to also see columns with the State and Postal Code.

Clear Selection Criteria — Select this button to clear any entries made in the five data fields if you want to then type different information. Then select the Retrieve… button again to display only the names that fit the new criteria.

If your original criteria selected too many records, making it difficult to locate the desired one, you can simply type additional information in one or more fields, and then select the Retrieve button again.

Families – Whether your criteria selected one or all members of a family, data for all family members is imported. In order to import only individuals, not entire families, use the Logos II > Link to AR routine in that program instead.

OK — Select the OK button or Double-click on the name of the desired record. This will link the two records and will import family and personal data from Logos II and return you to the Personal tab. The Family Salutation defined in Logos II will be defined as the Individual/Organization name, the Head of Household (ID # = .01 in Logos II) will be defined as the Main Contact and all family members will appear in the Additional Contacts grid.

See Also:

Logos II / AR Data Fields to see the data from Logos II records that is imported into Accounts Receivable and to note the fields that can then be updated in either program and automatically update the linked field in the other program.