Post Invoices

Transactions entered into the Invoice Entry routine must be printed and committed before they can be "posted ". If you have printed and committed invoices, when you close the Invoice Entry routine, a prompt will alert you that "Invoices have been printed," and will ask if you want to post them now. If you select Yes, this posting routine will run automatically.

Posting invoices updates customer records and GL Accounts (if set to Accrual on the Preferences > Accounts Receivable screen). Routines on the Reports panel cannot print transactions until they have been posted.


1. All items in the Invoices Printed/Committed grid will be posted unless the check box in the Post column is unmarked. In that case, such items will be voided.

2. After selecting the Post Invoices image\post_inv_bttn.gif button on the Invoice Entry screen, the program launches an automatic scan of all committed invoices to ensure that there are no conflicts in your data, such as posting to a closed period.

If a problem is found, you will be alerted to preview or print a report explaining the problem. After resolving the problem, select the Post Invoices button again.

3. When no problem is found, the routine automatically begins posting the invoices.

If a customer has a credit balance (overpayment), a prompt asks, "Would you like to apply the credit balance to these invoices?" Select Yes to open the Apply Credit Balances window in which to view and process any such items.

4. A thermometer shows the progress of this posting procedure, and then a window will open from which to print a copy of the posting activity. Save this report as part of your audit trail.

You can view posted invoices on the Invoice History tab in customer accounts.