Field Titles

The Field Titles button on the Field Text screen opens a window in which to rename selected fields in the optional Accounts Receivable and Asset Manager modules.


Accounting Default Title contains the original names Logos assigns to these fields.

# — Bold-faced items marked with a pound sign are titles for tabs. These are listed as aids in locating the fields on those tabs, but the titles of tabs cannot be changed. Any edits made here for these items are not saved and will not display in the Define Customers or the Define Asset routines.

* — Items marked with an asterisk are the titles for combo box fields.

@ — Currently there are no Items marked with the @ symbol, used for "labels" that identify groups of related fields.

User Defined Title contains text that you can replace with new text for any or all of these fields.

Examples: A school using Accounts Receivable might want to change "Sales Rep" to "Sponsor" and/or "Contact Type" (under "Customer Contact") to "Grade". This latter field is a combo box, which allows entering each of the grades to which students are assigned. This field is found in the Customers > Additional Contacts window, which schools can use to enter information on students. The data in the field prints on the Additional Contacts report.


Be careful about creating lengthy titles. Space on screens and reports is sometimes limited, and a too-long title will be cut off.

To change a title

1. Use your mouse or the Down Arrow key to highlight a User Defined Title text box you wish to edit.

2. Type the new text. Repeat similarly for any other titles you wish to edit. Then —

3. Select the OK button to save your changes and close the window. Select Cancel to exit without saving.