Page Setup

image\PAGESET.gif This File menu routine (also opened by clicking the Page Setup button on the Output Destination screen at the end of any report routine) lets you adjust the top and left margin on a report if you need to move the location of text on reports. Any changes made here are saved with your User Settings and will impact all reports, except for the routines noted below:

Exception Notes:

The same function is also accessed directly from a Page Setup button in the check printing routines. The settings entered there are linked to those specific reports.

Print Checks (AP)

Print Checks (PR)

The 1099/1096 Forms and W2/W3 Forms routines retain margin settings specific to those reports if defined while those report windows are open.

The Federal 941 report requires that the Top Margin be set to 0.000.

Margin in Inches - Top/Left

You may shift report data down or to the right by hundredths of an inch. The spin buttons change in increments of .020 of an inch, but you can type smaller amounts if necessary for very fine adjustments. The Preview display reflects the changes entered.

Select OK to save the changes made. You can then print a copy of the desired report to verify the new position of the text.

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