Printer Setup

image\printset.gif This File menu routine lets you change to a different printer and/or modify various properties when running a report. The routine can also be opened from the Output Destination screen of any report routine. The printer that displays is either the default printer on your system or the most recent printer used within the program.


Name — Click on the arrow button or press Alt+Up/Down Arrow keys to see the list of printers that have been installed. Select any printer in the list.

Accounting reports are formatted to print on laser or ink jet printers, using the printer drivers defined in Windows. For details on printer setup procedures, see your Windows manual or Control Panel Help.

Properties — Select this button to open the Properties window for the selected printer. The options in the window will vary depending on the printer selected.

Not all options in the Properties window can be applied to all reports. For example, the number of copies that print is controlled by the Copies field on the Output Destination screen, not by the setting in the printer’s Properties window. Also, changing the orientation (Portrait or Landscape) will not realign the various report elements. Reports that require Landscape orientation will still print that way, even if the Properties window is set to Portrait. (Report elements can be realigned with the Edit Reports function if User Reports has been added.)

Select OK to accept the printer displayed in the Name field as the printer to which the next Accounting report(s) will be sent. Proceed to Preview or Print the report. The new printer selection will display in the program’s Status Bar and will be stored in your User Settings until you change back or exit from Accounting.

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