Edit User Report

This window opens when you select the Edit button on the Output Destination screen at the end of a report routine. You may create multiple variations of the selected report. You have these options, depending on whether you have previously edited the selected report:


Select the Import button to open a window in which to locate a custom report file provided for you by arrangements with Logos. When you select an XML file and click the Import button, the report files contained in that file are imported into the \logoswin\gl\[data]\user_reports folder – [data] indicates the current data directory name. The report then displays in this Edit User Report window.


Select OK to open the Microsoft Visual FoxPro Report Designer for the selected report. When the Report Designer is open, select Help from the menu bar or press F1. Go to Accounting Field Names and Accounting Report Functions for information on adding selected data to a report.


Most routines on the Reports panels each have several different reports that can be run. For example, the Trial Balance routine has four different reports (Detail, Summary, Detail Analysis and Detail Summary). This Edit function gives access only to the currently selected report and any previously created user reports copied from it. To edit a different report, select Cancel to close the Edit User Report window, select the Back button until you are at the routine’s initial screen, and select the desired report. Then select Next until you return to the Output Destination screen where you can select the Edit button again.

When you complete your modifications to a report, pull down the File menu and select Close or click on the "X" on the Report Designer’s title bar. You will be asked if you want to save the changes you have made to the report. Select Yes to save the changes and open the Report Description window in which to modify the descriptive name, indicating what is different about this copy from the standard report. Select OK to return to the Output Destination screen. If you have just created a new report, you must click the Select button to choose the new report in order to have it be selected when you click the Print button.

CAUTION: If you have maximized the Report Designer window, the red image\closex.gif "X" on the main title bar will close the Accounting program. Select the smaller "X" image\closerd.gif directly below it.