Output Destination Options

 Every report opens the Output Destinations screen, giving you a choice of options for what you want to do with the report data. Options vary with some reports, such as when you print checks.

Destination Options

Note on Flow options:  Word documents, RTF documents, OpenOffice Writer documents and OpenOffice Calc documents have two output options - "Absolute positioned layout" and "Flow layout". The generated documents often look the same, but the algorithms behind these options are completely different. The absolute positioned layout always looks like the original report, but is harder to edit and bigger in size. The flow layout may not always look exactly the same, but it is a 'real' Word document - easily editable, with styles, page headers and footers, paragraphs and tab stops, which is also smaller in size and faster to open. Depending on your needs, the normal output or the Flow output may work better for you.


image\outedit.gif These buttons at the bottom of the screen are active if you have installed the optional User Reports. These buttons let you modify the selected report. (The original report is unchanged, as edits are applied to a new user-defined report.)

Page Range

image\outpage.gif The Send to… options activate this function so that you can select the page or pages you want to process.


When the Send to Printer option is selected, this field becomes active, allowing you to print up to ten copies of the report. This setting overrides any Copies selection made in the Printer Setup > Properties window.

Page Setup/Label Setup

Select this button to open the Page Setup or Label Setup windows in which to adjust the margins on your report. The Label Setup routine also identifies the type of label stock to which you are printing.

Printer Setup

Select this button to open the Printer Setup window in which to change the printer from the current default.



Print - sends the report data to the selected destination. Once selected, other buttons on the form are inactive.

To terminate sending data, you may press the Esc key. Data already sent will preview, print or export.

You then return to this window where you may select a different output option and run the same report again, or select one of the other three buttons:

Back - returns to the previous window(s) where you can change your selections, then run the report again.

Finish or Cancel - exits from this routine.

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Misc Preferences tab — lets you change the default from Preview to Print.