Edit Payroll Check History

Use this Payroll Data Entry routine to enter salary amounts already paid to employees this year before you began using Payroll. Also use it to enter corrections to update Quarter-to-Date and Year-to-Date figures for selected employees. These entries modify the amounts that print on most Payroll reports without modifying amounts in General Ledger, including the Check Lists reports. Separate GL are necessary to update GL account totals with these changes.


Previous Quarter Totals - You may prefer to enter totals paid to an employee in a prior quarter rather than entering each individual check issued in the quarter. To do so, use a fictitious check number (or the number of the last check issued to the employee in that quarter), then enter the total Earnings, Deductions, and Taxes for the quarter. Obviously, the Check Lists reports will not contain any checks that were not entered.

Current Quarter - Enter data for each individual check that has already been issued in the current quarter.

Select Employee

From the list of employees, select the person whose data you wish to edit.


image\prd_edit_check.gif The Checks tab lets you Add one or more checks paid to the selected employee, or you may select a check so that you can edit any of the Earnings, Deductions, or Taxes.

To Add a Check
  1. Select the Add button.

  2. In the window that opens, enter the date the check was written and the check number. A message will alert you if that check number has already been used in the program.


  1. Then select the Earnings, Deductions, and Taxes tabs to enter appropriate amounts for those items.

The Earnings and Deductions categories listed for an employee are the ones entered into that employee’s record in Define Employees.

To Edit a Check

Select a check in the list (That row will be highlighted in green.), then select the Earnings, Deductions, and/or Taxes tab(s) to make your correcting entries.


  1. Click into the Hours and/or Amount column for each Earnings category you wish to add or edit. (The Workers Comp columns become active if defined for this employee.)

  2. Type the correct number of hours and/or dollar amount. The Wages and Net Check totals at the bottom of the form are updated as you complete these entries.

  3. If you need to zero out a check that was entered in error, be sure to enter zero in all fields on the Earnings, Deductions, and Taxes tabs. You cannot delete a check once it has been saved.


  1. Click into the Deduction Amount column for each category you wish to add or edit.

  2. Type the dollar amounts for the Deductions that were withheld from this check. The Wages and Net Check totals at the bottom of the form are updated as you complete these entries.


  1. Click into the Wages and/or Taxes column for each category of taxes you wish to add or edit.

  2. Type the dollar amounts for this person’s Taxable Earnings and Computed Taxes for this check. Both employee and employer totals are updated on Payroll reports.

When finished adding or editing a check -

  1. Select the Save icon on the tool bar or type Ctrl+S.

  2. Select the Checks tab to add or edit another check for this employee.

  1. Select the Employee tab to add or edit a check for another employee. If you select another employee without having saved the entries for the previous check, you will be asked if you want to save the changes.

  2. Select Close to exit from this routine.


When the changes entered here require updating GL accounts, see Update PR Data in GL.