Send Email

This People > Utilities routine sends an email message to up to 90 selected individuals at one time.

You must have completed Preferences > Email (File menu) to identify your email system.

OPTION: If you prefer to send email messages directly from another email program (e.g., Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Constant Contact, Emma, etc.), use the Export People Data routine and select the Export Email Addresses option to create a data file containing the desired addresses. Then copy and paste the addresses into the BCC field with the message you are sending. This will enable you to take advantage of formatting options available in your regular email program that are not available in this routine.

Choose Email Option

This routine gives you two ways to identify the individuals to whom you want to send an email:

Which Email Address

You may choose the email address(es) to which the message is sent.

Select Next to proceed to the desired selection method.

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