Send Email - Event Registration

This Event Registration > Utilities routine sends an e-mail message to registrants for one or more selected events. It works identically to the Send Email routine on the People > Utilities panel except that you select the event(s) for which people have registered instead of using Search Criteria.

You must have completed Preferences > Program Links (File menu) to identify your e-mail system.

Option: Use the Export People Data routine’s Export E-mail addresses option to create a data file of selected email addresses that can then be imported into your regular email program.

  1. Select Next to proceed to the Select Events screen.

  2. After selecting the event(s), select Next to see a list of the registrants for the selected event(s). Those with no email address in their records will be ignored when the message is sent. You can highlight any record and select the Delete button to stop a person from receiving this message.

  3. Select Next again to see the screen where you enter the message to be sent to the selected registrants.

  4. Select Email to send the message.

Messages sent to multiple people are automatically grouped in batches of no more than nine to reduce the likelihood of their being rejected by span-blocking software.